ANNUAL REPORT (2013-2014)


Kendriya Vidyalaya, GC, CRPF Adarani came into existenceon 1stSeptember 2010 in the temporary Building  provided by  GC CRPF in its  new campus  near Adarani tea Estate. At present the  Vidyalaya is  running up to  VIII and the Studentísstrength has  increased from  mere 37 in 2010 to 302 in the current Academic session 2013-14.

  There are 14 teachers out of which 09 are regular and five are recruited on contractual basis. The Vidyalaya has a primary Resource Centre equipped with Color T.V. , LCD PROJECTOR , MULTIMEDIA DEVICE MAGIC STUDIO and a DVD Player, a Computer Lab with 22 Computers that are connected through LAN having Broad band Connectivity , a Library, fully automated with more than 800 educative, books, magazines and periodicals.

Last Month the Vidyalaya   has fixed its Green Boards in place of Black boards with a cost of about 1.25 Lakhs.

The Vidyalaya  not only gives  emphasis  on  Academic excellence  but also aims at the all Ėaround  development of  children by Organizinga number of co-curricular  activities.

We have successfully organized Book Week, School level social science exhibition, Hindi Pakhwara, and celebrated a number of important days like Republic Day, Nature Conservation Day, World Forest Day, Independence Day, Teacherís Day, Gandhi Jayanti, National Education Day, UNO Day etc., with true spirit and enthusiasm.

Although our school is the smallest among all schools under Silchar region but the achievements of our students are second to none.

In the field of Games and Sports our students have maintained the glory of our vidyalaya in Cluster and Regional Level competitions.

04 students of our vidyalaya participated in 44th Regional Level Sports Meet in Athletics and Volleyball held at KV KUNJBAN on 27th July 2013 and won Two GOLD MEDALS and One BRONZE MEDAL. Master Sie Robert Kookie a student of class VIII won GOLD MEDALS in 200 and 400 meter Race.

Biraja Prasad Nayak of class VI won BRONZE MEDAL in Long Jump.

Since at National Level there was no under 14 event organized hence they could not participate at National Level.

Our vidyalaya has taken active part and played a leading role in all type of Exhibitions and Competitions organized by KVS.

17 Students of our Vidyalaya participated in the KVS Cluster level Social Science Exhibition on 09th September 2013 at KV ONGC Agartala. Our students secured the 1st position in the QUIZ and GROUP DANCE, 2nd position in the English Skit and English debate, the 3rd position in the Hindi Debate and Project work.

Our Children have successfully participated in REGIONAL LEVEL Social Science Exhibition held at Silchar in the Quiz & Group Dance Competition and secured the 3rd position. Here it will be worth mentioning that all other Schools are up to 12th Standard while our School is up to 8th only but still our students made their presence felt at various levels.

The Vidyalaya has organized a number of co-curricular activities like debate, extempore, dance, singing and skit competitions among the children in different groups.

10 students of our Vidyalaya participated in the KVS Regional level 21st National Children Science Congress out of which two students represented the projects on 04th & 5th October 2013 at KV, Srikona Silchar. In which Sagar Singha Roy of class VIII has secured the 2nd position in the Project namely UTILISATION OF SOLAR ENERGY IN NORTH EASTERN PART OF INDIA

Our Vidyalaya has a very well organised House system through which all Academic, Cultural Games & Sports and other activities are organized throughout the year to develop the spirit of healthy competition among the students.

The students are divided in to four Houses named after four great Rivers of the country i.e. Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, and Kaveri.

†††††††††††† The Vidyalaya has organized a number of co-curricular activities like debate, extempore, Storytelling, Folk dances, drawing and paintings, Poem Recitations, singing and skit competitions, Essay writing competitions have been conducted in the vidyalaya. Inter House Group songs, Group Dance, were the main features of appreciation.

††††††††††††††† A number of programs have also been organized under Common Minimum Program (CMP) like Medical Check Up, local visit, an educational excursion, film show etc.

The 2nd cluster level CMP meeting was organized in our vidyalaya. In which representatives of the Seven KVís participated.

Thirty (30) Students of our Vidyalaya participated in the KVS Cluster level Children Day Celebration on 15th November 2013 at KV ONGC, Agartala. Our students secured the 2nd position in Group Song Competition and 3rd position at group dance. 


To inculcate the feeling of Oneness, Mutual Cooperation, National Integration Bharat Scouts & Guide movement is very much active in our Vidyalaya. It has started from July 2012. 110 students are registered members of the BS&G movement. One Advance Scout Master, 1 Guide Captain and 2 Cub Masters, are well trained to guide the students in this movement. 32 Scouts and 16 Guides were awarded with Dwitiya Sopan Certificates.

                  Our vidyalaya has gained a good name and fame in all fields and now it is shining as a pilot vidyalaya of Silchar Region. We hope that the day is not far when its name will shine amongst the best schools of India.

†††††††††††††  We are lucky to have a supportive VMC and sponsoring authority that is GC CRPF Adarani who has extended all round support in almost every matter. We are very thankful to the Chairman VMC Sh. BALARAM SHIL , DIG(P) GC CRPF AGARTALA for taking up the matter of Land Transfer to KV personally and very seriously so that the Vidyalaya could have its own building within reasonable time.

                        The Vidyalaya with the support of its dedicated staff- members, co-operative VMC and supportive parents has made Noticeable progress in a very short time.

Let me conclude the ANNUAL REPORT Presentation of the Year 2013-14 with the promise to excel and do better in all respects of the Vidyalaya with your cooperation, guidance and motivation.


Thank you one & all

Jai Hind Jai Bharat



††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Pawan Kumar

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